Like most innovations, this one was powered by passion.

Like most innovations, this one was powered by passion.
A retired WWII engineer loved two things:
tinkering with machinery and fishing with friends near his Summer cabin.
His innovation evolved from solving a unique problem…
...Getting his fishing boat from one lake to another.
He created a unique contraption that would allow he and his fishing buddies to easily “walk” or portage the heavy boat from lake to lake through overgrown terrain in the “boondocks.”
The aptly named “Boondock Walker,” comprised of a steel frame, four wheels, motor, gears and a steering device, was made to be easily placed in the boat for travel.

Boondock Walker is simply the perfect metaphor for our way of discovery and problem solving. Symbolic of the way we lead our clients from familiar waters to new markets, new messaging and new meaning for their brands. It’s more than a name for our company. It’s a state of mind. Need your own story? Let’s get started.


We’ll help you tell it to those who are eager to listen.

I’d like to discuss our brand and learn how Boondock can help us tell our unique story.