Producing a box office brand through the power of storytelling


Origin Entertainment is a broad based film and television production company committed to making a positive impact on the modern world through transformative entertainment. Their mission: to produce films that evoke the audience’s desire for the heroic, foster a generosity of spirit, and inspire them to make choices for the greater good.

As Origin had several films in the works and was seeking investment for each film property, Boondock Walker was engaged to elevate the style, strength and visibility of their brand, and create tools to more effectively tell their unique story.

Origin Entertainment

Origin Entertainment


Los Angeles, CA


Brand Foundation & Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Design & Dev.
Social Media Marketing
Sales Collateral
Film Marketing
Investor Relations


There is a decades-long trend in Hollywood away from family-friendly movies or those that project strong statements of traditional values such as honor, heroism and serving others or the common good. Thsi reality has created a great opportunity for companies and investors willing to step into the divide to provide films for those who frequent modern entertainment, yet yearn for a better and more inspiring product.

The Boondock team partnered with Origin Entertainment to establish the brand as a fresh innovator in the entertainment space, willing to challenge status quo. From establishing their online presence through web and social media, to investor relations and sales collateral, to branding and identity of individual films, we've helped Origin build significant brand awareness and establish a strong reputation within the investor community.