Rocky River Brewing Co.

Brewpub restaurant's brand still strong after 15 years

Rocky River Brewing Co
Rocky River Brewing Co
Rocky River Brewing Co
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Rocky River Brewing Company wall mural
Rocky River Brewing Company daily specials sign
Rocky River Brewing Company logo
Rocky River Brewing Company specials
Rocky River Brew Co daily specials
Rocky River Brewing Company logo sketch
Rocky River Brewing Company anniversary logo

Cheers to hand-crafted brews, great food, memorable experiences and …

… a strong brand. If you’re a brewpub or restaurant in northeast Ohio, you need all of those ingredients to succeed in this area’s highly competitive restaurant scene. Boondock Walker has kept the Rocky River Brewing Company brand fresh and relevant for more than 15 years. Since it was founded in 1998, Rocky River Brewing Company has won its share of national and international medals for its beers and numerous Silver Spoon awards for its food. And along the way, Boondock Walker built a brand that connects with patrons of differing demographics particularly families, craft beer connoisseurs and young professionals.

Rocky River Brewing Co
Rocky River Brewing Co
Rocky River Brewing Co

A full serving of branding and marketing

From consulting on interior design during initial construction to designing a custom, hand-drawn logo mark, we have positioned the brand with a memorable and highly stylized look. Our team established the exterior and interior signage systems (including hand-painted murals); designed the company’s beer labels, tap handle markers, etched glass treatments, menus, apparel, company vehicle graphics, and advertisements; and designed and developed RRBC’s website and social media presence. It takes vision, a great client like RRBC, and a powerful brand that connects with audiences to deliver a consistent, compelling message through social media, print and online channels. Restaurants succeed best with word-of-mouth referrals and social media is a critical tool in driving that message today. Oh, by the way, RRBC even named a beer after us so stop in, ask for a Boondock Walker Saison, and enjoy the experience!