Risk International

Moving a brand from best kept secret to national powerhouse

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Living Up to the Name

Risk International is an independent risk management services group for mid-sized to Fortune 500 enterprises with complex risk management challenges. The Risk model is like no other. Specifically, it’s their independence from the insurance industry that makes them so distinguished — and refreshing. While Risk International’s growth had surged over the past several years, the brand had not evolved with them. Boondock Walker was charged to develop a brand platform that would clearly and effectively distinguish the brand, and create the marketing tools that would advance their continued growth.

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One of the biggest marketing challenges, surprisingly, is articulating a brand essence inside a company. Brand values are the code by which the brand lives — the core values which serve as a benchmark to measure behaviors and performance. We worked closely with Risk International’s executive team to clearly define their core brand values in alignment with their clients’ needs.

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