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Turning brand confusion into brand cohesion

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It was North versus South

Meet Pipeline Packaging: a packaging solutions specialist and distributor of container products ranging from glass perfume bottles to 55-gallon drums. Not long ago, Pipeline was named NorthPak. And during that time Northpak acquired multiple container and packaging companies in the southern United States. Probably due to old traditions, the southern acquisitions were not thrilled at being called NorthPak. A decision was made to name the southern sister group SouthPak. Sounded right. But over time this eroded brand strength, and increased the time and effort needed to manage the brand because there were essentially two brands now.

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Moving in a new direction

Boondock Walker guided Northpak through a full brand rediscovery and Pipeline Packaging became the new name. Together we built a comprehensive brand foundation comprising of a new position statement, value proposition and personality attributes. Touchpoint deliverables included the new name, logo, website, tagline, photography, sales collateral, presentations, social media and SEO.

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Successful brands start with employees

A key part of what we did was to highlight Pipeline’s most-important asset: its people. Since project completion the culture has vastly improves with the employees showing an ever-increasing sense of pride and brand engagement. Sales teams now have a new tool kit of materials that they are eager to share, including the Pipeline website, and sales from inquiries through the new site continue to spike.

The brand experience online

With well over 5,000 different products, being able to find the right packaging quickly seemed like an impossible task, but we were up to the challenge. The new PipelinePackaging.com features a fully faceted custom product search (for example, by shape, capacity, or color), and an easy-to-use briefcase feature for users to gather and organize products they’re interested in purchasing.

Along side the front-facing filter, we created an administration tool, using Ruby on Rails, for product managers to efficiently and quickly manage product changes. The administration tools also provide a way track customer product selections by region.

Is your brand cohesive, compelling and effective? If not, this is where you begin.