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Repositioning a local brand to gain national market share

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A best-kept secret

Olympic is becoming a leader in providing pallet and pallet management services throughout key regions of the United States. Based in Cleveland, Olympic’s growth over the past five years has been strong and swift. Now competing in larger markets and attracting Fortune 500 clients, Olympic’s brand needed a major re-positioning. The outdated visual brand inherited from previous ownership contained little value-based messaging and lacked consistency in its voice and design. The re-branding objectives were clear: Define Olympic’s current value proposition by speaking to clients and partners, redesign its visual brand to communicate its market position, and attract new prospects.

Olympic Tagline animated
Olympic Office sign
photography of pallets by Billy Delfs
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Passionate about pallets

During the discovery process Boondock Walker heard several points repeated: Olympic’s customers and supplier partners would rave about Olympic’s relentless dedication to serve them, its attention to detail, and its creative approach to solving customers’ pallet supply and distribution issues. This information was the basis for the Olympic brand story, which we told through the brand touchpoints both digitally and in print.

A strong company gets a big brand

The new brand foundation gives Olympic a clearly defined set of attributes, core values, plus a new brand voice that, collectively, demonstrate absolute value for customers and partners. The brand foundation also ensures consistency in the way Olympic communicates and delivers its services, and provides a practical tool to guide internal sales and support staff on how to support the brand through words and actions.

Olympic Positioning statement
Olympic Brand Promise