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Revolutionary lateral motion cycling pedals

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Taking a Startup Brand from 0 to 90 m.p.h.

Nikola Innovation’s revolutionary pedal combines the movements of a skater and a cyclist into one smooth motion that provides efficiency, comfort and power for the cyclist. Inventor and owner of Nikola, Nick Stevovich developed his unique spin on the cycling pedal over a period of 15 years before finalizing development and getting working prototypes in hand. Like most startup entrepreneurs, Nick had put over a decade into development but was now 3 months from launching to market and had no name, no website, no packaging, no logo or brand message for his product.

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Nick Stevovich, Founder
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Cranking out the Brand Foundation and Deliverables

We quickly went to work developing a name for the company as well as the naming technology that makes the product so revolutionary – Zivo Technology. The product is so cool and unique it already had a great story to tell, we just had to communicate its value to cyclists who look for that competitive edge. We created the brand identity, website, photography, packaging, social media and video in time for the product’s launch at the world’s largest cycling trade show. Nikola took the cycling world by storm. Cycling blogs were soon a buzz with news of Nikola’s pedal product. Website and social media hits sky rocketed and a post product launch campaign went into full speed.

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