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Reestablishing an industry pioneer’s brand and market position

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The founder was the company

MBI Products has paced the design and manufacture of acoustical products for commercial space since 1965. The brand was largely built around the vision of its founder, Bernie Zarnack, who developed many of the acoustical advances still in use today. But after Bernie’s passing in 1980, the MBI story began to lose relevancy. Market share slid. So, looking to better understand its brand, find new ways to engage prospects, and reestablish its power position, MBI turned to Boondock Walker to develop a new brand foundation, create a new identity, and revisit its critical touchpoints — online and offline.

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Looked back then moved forward

We worked closely with MBI leadership, revisiting the core brand values instilled by Bernie many years ago. We gained a deep insight into the needs of MBI’s core audiences and were surprised to find that those early values still mattered today. From the company’s deep experience as industry pioneers to its Midwestern values to its ability to solve problems cost-effectively, MBI still had a good story to tell. We evolved its logo (while retaining much of the equity it represented), created the tagline “Innovation for the Sound Experience,” overhauled its website design, and built a database of products that is easily managed by MBI product managers. We developed a sales kit of materials and product sheets that was versatile and uniform. Even worked closely with architects during a major renovation to help reflect the brand throughout its new interior space.

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Making noise once again

Today, less than four years after the implementation of its new brand foundation, MBI is thriving. It’s a marketplace leader once again. The sales team has clarity of message. Sales are up. And so is brand value.

Since the launch of its new website, MBI has realized a 27% increase in sales and a 300% increase in web traffic and higher brand recognition in the marketplace amongst their target audiences.