Green City Growers

A state-of-the-art hydroponic green house in urban Cleveland

From seed to spectacular

Bibb lettuce. Green leaf lettuce. Gourmet lettuces. Even some basil. The first harvest took place in early 2013 at the new Green City Growers Cooperative, Inc., a sparkling 3.25-acre state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse in Cleveland’s Central Neighborhood. The plants, all started from seed, looked wonderful — strong, colorful and ready to travel to local supermarkets and distributors who supply restaurants and food service operations in Northeast Ohio. The greenhouse will produce about three million heads of lettuce and leafy greens and three hundred thousand pounds of herbs every year.

Green City Growers packaging
GCGC logo sketches
GCGC logo sketches
GCGC logo sketchesh
GCGC logo sketchess

Turning greens into green

But, if Green City Growers wanted to make this profit-sharing business profitable, it had to have a strong, distinctive identity. And that’s where Boondock Walker came in. We helped Green City Growers create and grow a visual identity from the ground up. One that matched its mission and brand story: that this cooperative is a sustainable, innovative and community-minded company growing fresh, high-quality and delicious produce all year long and delivering it locally within 48 hours of harvest. We developed an elegant, modern and vibrant logo and a fresh look that were applied across all packaging, in-store signage, sales materials and digital marketing channels. Funded initially by grants, Green City Growers expects to be profitable this year – 2014.

Green City Packaging with oranges
Green City Growers business cards
Green City Growers packaging
Green City Growers invites
Green City Growers guidelines
Green City Growers tagline
“We couldn’t have achieved the results we did in launching this project without a great brand foundation and identity.” –Mary Donnell, CEO of Green City Growers Cooperative