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A law firm in transition

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Legal and very likeable

Do you know Cleveland attorney John Duffy? Clients who do are quick to praise his crisp legal skills. But those same clients have also appreciated John’s strong personal values for the past 35 years. John and his staff are honest, sincere, fair, and have that ability to make individuals and small businesses feel more comfortable and less anxious when hiring a lawyer. Then, one day, attorney Brian Darling joined the firm. And guess what? Brian shared many of those same values. Eventually, a new firm called Darling/Duffy Legal Services was born. Also born was a great idea.

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A business model that can be replicated

When Brian Darling became a partner it was clear that there was a growth opportunity here. First, to create a new brand foundation through which the new firm could communicate its unique selling proposition and better compete in the marketplace. But even more exciting, Darling/Duffy could open Darling/Duffy franchises in other cities — storefronts that are comfortable, accessible and friendly for those who might be first timers in the often-intimidating world of law. And that is why the new brand developed by Boondock Walker will be so important. It will, in essence, be a template allowing Darling/Duffy franchises to replicate the original brand experience by offering the same highly accessible, low-stress, affordable approach to engaging and retaining a law firm. Darling/Duffy in one city will mirror Darling/Duffy in another. It’s what H&R Block did to the ivory tower accounting firms.

Using its strategically built brand platform Darling/Duffy can replicate its brand experience in other cities.