From the Boondocks to Dublin

Posted by: Megan Conway

DwellingSociety_logo What a week it has been! Boondock Walker and our team of the best and brightest talent from Las Vegas to Chicago to Ireland, were proud to launch Dwelling Society at the Web Summit in Ireland this week. Dwelling Society is a social platform that allows users to create a profile for any physical address, providing a dedicated space for those with an interest in the history, architecture, landscaping, design and personal stories behind homes.

Dwelling Society consolidates tech trends such as mass-broadcasting (twitter), design inspiration aggregation (pinterest), social networking (facebook), and ancestry exploration (ancestry.com). The platform generates a timeline for an address by aggregating public record and historical information. Users can interact with these profiles by: sharing stories, photos, video and audio, linking to other dwellings, businesses and guests, gleaning design ideas and obtaining contractor recommendations, linking architecture, landscaping, or home improvement businesses to former clients’ dwellings, clicking on targeted marketing links tailored to consumer needs.

Dwelling Society was founded in 2011 by Colleen Curran, who currently resides in Ireland. Colleen realized that while Innovative technologies and social platforms make it easy to communicate with people far and wide, there is no known platform to keep connected with the places that are near and dear to us, and preserving those stories that give structure such meaning.

Over the past 14 months the team has created an enterprise-level application, built on Ruby on Rails, the same development platform as Twitter, Shopify, Groupon, Airbnd and Bloomberg.

Start telling your own story on Dwelling Society!