Cleveland Whiskey Taps Boondock Walker

Posted by: Mark Nead

Collaboration to bring radically different whiskeys to doorsteps.


You’ve likely heard the buzz about Cleveland Whiskey, a local company developing disruptive technology to dramatically accelerate the maturation and flavor development of distilled spirits. Perhaps you’ve even had the pleasure of enjoying it. Now in 12 states, Europe and China, Cleveland Whiskey has partnered with Boondock Walker to strengthen the existing brand while bringing a very exciting new subscription program, Cleveland Underground, to market.

Cleveland Underground bourbon’s are radically different. Tom Lix, founder, and company are creating small custom (and often experimental) whiskies which push the boundaries of tradition, expectations and flavor. Select bourbons and whiskies are finished with woods that range from black cherry and sugar maple to persimmon and pistachio. Some are infused with rooibos and hibiscus, or rested in barrels that include histories of Jamaican rum, craft beers or habanero peppers. Stay tuned! It’s coming soon…