Megan Conway

Director of Client Relations & Business Development

Megan Conway
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Meet the woman behind the curtain. Megan joined Boondock Walker in the Summer of 2014, tasked as an Operations Manager, and all around Master of the Boondock universe. Her role is ever changing, wearing many hats from project management and marketing strategy, to business development and client relations.

She is a graduate of Marquette University, and similar to Dwayne Wade, is pretty terrible at basketball. She does, however, bring a solid skill set with her varied professional background ranging from start ups to global corporations. She is a unique hybrid of a fierce type A organizer with a true love of networking and building relationships with anyone and everyone she meets.

Outside of work Megan enjoys golfing, traveling, wine/beer tastings and sitting on her couch watching bad reality television with her dog, Bailey.

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